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Complete offers

Close more candidates.

Never leave your compensation understanding up to chance. Ensure every single candidate understands the full value of their compensation from equity, benefits, salary, bonuses – all the way to their career progression and team!

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Customizable features to
help you differentiate

No two teams are built the same way, so why should the way you talk about your company be? Go deep on complex topics and leave the education and easy of use to us!

Powerful analytics
Team profiles
Educational modules
Custom notes
Dilution and funding
Options vs RSUs
Benefits modeling
Company milestones

Humanize the experience of scaling your team

We hear, time and time again, that people are often why people join a startup. Complete offers make it clear (and personalized!) who you are working with and what your future at the company looks like.

Product exampleGif of Rani welcoming a candidate.Gif of Rani welcoming a candidate.
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Educate candidates on the long term value

Help candidates understand the short and long term value of their packages, alongside the future of the business.

Walk through business goals, customers, and more to pull back the curtain for your candidates.

Better compensation starts today.
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