We’re a mission
driven company

Complete empowers companies to build trust in their teams through compensation. With our platform, companies gives their new hires a transparent complete offer letter — including salary, equity, benefits — make smart compensation choices, and cement their employee relationships.

We believe in a world where leading in transparency and education is the norm, not the exception, and we’re here to build the tools to enable this future.

Our values

Build, don't rent

We look at every challenge as an opportunity to build

Equity for everyone

Equitable workspace & equity of the company

Lead with empathy

For our teammates, customers & candidates

Customer obsession

Live & breathe our customer's problems

About us

At Complete, we create great customer experiences and have fun along the way -- can’t take ourselves too seriously, right? If you haven’t noticed, we’re all about equity. We believe in an equitable workplace and equity in the company.

Our customer-obsessed team sees every challenge as an opportunity to build with empathy and compassion. Every team member is a culture-add and builds onto evolving values below.

Meet the team

Rani Mavram
CEO & Co-founder
Reika Sullivan
Founding Engineer
Michael Slevin
Founding Engineer
Dip Dhanesha
Founding Engineer
Alec Maliwanag
Founding Engineer
Professional People Greeter

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