Hummingbird puts customer knowledge, case management, investigations, and regulatory reporting into a single platform. We empower your team to fight financial crime more effectively while integrating seamlessly with your existing KYC data and activity monitoring systems.

Like any company, Hummingbird invests heavily into recruiting the best team possible.

For each role, Hummingbird needs to advertise the role, review resumes, and interview candidates. Once that perfect candidate has been identified, the roles reverse – Hummingbird now needs to pitch itself to the candidate.

Losing candidates after giving the offer is incredibly expensive. Recruitment costs alone can easily be upwards of $5,000 per role. After factoring in the time required from the team to interview candidates and the cost of having the role vacant, the true cost can be well into the tens of thousands.

That’s why Hummingbird turned to Complete to put their best foot forward in pitching themselves to customers, helping them show candidates what makes Hummingbird’s offer so valuable.

The Problem

Hummingbird’s post-offer process included:

One of the major problems they identified was their offer letter. 

It was comprehensive – but hard to understand. It was difficult to comprehend what made Hummingbird’s offer stand out.

Enter Complete

Hummingbird began using Complete’s dynamic offer letter to show what made them stand out to candidates.

The offer letter provided a way for candidates to visualize and understand everything in their compensation package, such as:

It also created a personalized experience for the candidate, including messages from the team welcoming the candidate.

The offer letter was also simple for Hummingbird to implement. It integrates with the products they were already using, and can be customized to highlight what makes Hummingbird’s offer stand out.

With the dynamic offer letter, Hummingbird now:

With Complete’s offer letter, Hummingbird can build a stronger team faster and more efficiently than ever. Candidates know exactly what they’re being offered, making the process of accepting the offer an easy one.

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