Why we’re building in-person in San Francisco

Zack Field
Co-founder & CTO
Why we’re building in-person in San Francisco

Disclaimer: there are countless ways to build a great team. There’s no right way, and this is our stab at it.

Why in person


The culture of startups, particularly technology startups, is unique. Finding product-market fit is the primary goal of an early-stage startup. This means things are constantly changing, experiments being run, or pivots being explored - and it all needs to happen quickly. Removing barriers to communication and collaboration reduces the risk of one failure mode: not being on the same page. This requires every team member to contribute significantly and deliver on huge tasks in a matter of hours or days, not weeks or months. We cut the time for coordination and increase space for deep questions/problems. Some of our favorite features were decided in front of a whiteboard or at the lunch table (and even on an afternoon run). Having both worked at high-growth companies before, this pace is a prerequisite for success.


It’s no doubt that our former coworkers helped support us in building Complete. While building a product, it is so critical to build trust and empathy for the people we work with. We want Complete employees to feel the support of being a part of this team, and to actively contribute to it. In so doing, we spend a good deal of time with one another, from exploring the city together, preparing meals for each other, or even working out together. In a colocated work setting, coworkers can go from colleagues to friends.

Why SF

The San Francisco Bay Area has personal significance for Rani and I. It’s where our communities were built, from UC Berkeley to the greater Bay Area. Now, we’re thrilled to welcome more members to the Complete team, each of them adding their own piece to our team’s culture. This also means we have existing support networks here, critical in a high-pressure environment. Beyond personal support, we are grateful to have a wealth of professional support networks, the foremost being the Y Combinator and Accel communities. We love learning from and leaning on our peers in these networks in building Complete.

All in all, we get out of life what we put in. Startups are no different. Growing our team in San Francisco allows everyone to put in more. But in return, we get a ton more out of this—for our company and ourselves. We can best do this in the same room. We’re proud to make San Francisco the home of Complete.

If you’re interested in joining the team, check out our open positions here.

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