Security Announcement

Zack Field
Co-founder & CTO
Security Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce that Complete has achieved SOC 2 Type II certification. Created by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), this certification is among the highest standards of information security compliance in the world! This means Complete is trusted by experts to securely manage your most sensitive data.

SOC 2 defines five “trust service principles” for managing customer data, which include security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. To get certified, we underwent a rigorous audit of our security policies and procedures along those principles. This process started six months ago. Thanks to our partners, Johanson Group and Vanta, we swiftly earned this certification.

This announcement comes just four months after we announced the achievement of SOC 2’s Type I certification. Type II certification means we passed stricter monitoring over time, instead of simply at one point in time, as Type I measures.

Best practices from the Complete team

As our team scaled, here’s how we ensured a smooth certification process:

  • Making our security requirements clear to new hires before and during onboarding
  • Having a section in team’s weekly updates that included security & compliance commitments. This was helpful in ensuring the team’s understanding of the commitment we were making to our partners and customers.
  • Creating a timeline: We worked with our partners to make sure we had clear dates for our testing so we could communicate this with customers.
  • Working in drafts: While it might take time to get to the official reports, drafts are helpful as you start working with infosec teams. Drafts also help you ask questions throughout and weed out any confusions as early as possible.

SOC 2 Type II is just another step in our ongoing commitment to the highest security for our clients’ most sensitive data. To learn more, visit our site to request a demo and see our product in action!

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