Engineering Blog: April Fool’s Day Throwback

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Engineering Blog: April Fool’s Day Throwback

For our first April Fool’s Day as a company we knew we wanted to do something exciting. For those of you know us, humor is a key part of our company culture - sharing memes about taxes, Hogwarts-themed everything, and an abundance of easter eggs in our experiences. The opportunity was a great fit.

To the drawing board we went. We wanted a way to bring some light to the topic of compensation. When it came to embracing familiarity and optimizing for a good laugh we landed - well right where some of us started - with the Windows 98 dashboard.

The development was two-sided. First we needed to leverage the Windows 98 CSS library, customizing it for our needs and product. We replaced the CSS with Windows themed iconography. Next. we created a feature flag that flipped between our current UI and the Windows 98 UI.

When it was all said and done, the team was elated with the result. Not only did it bring our organization, candidates & customers a good laugh - but it reminded us all that compensation can be fun!

In case you still have nostalgia for the 98-days. You can experience a full in-browser emulation of the heyday of skeuomorphic design here.

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