Engineering Blog: April Fool’s Day Throwback

April 28, 2022
2 min read

A deep dive on our April Fool's Day Prank

Let's starts with the offer packet, which is made up of 3 categories:
1. Monetary
Any money taken directly home. This could include—
A signing bonus, your base salary, or public company equity
2. Near-Monetary
Benefits that prevents money from coming out of your wallet, such as free lunch or commuter benefits
3. Non-Monetary
Anything that doesn’t impact your wallet, but can improve the quality of your work, such as PTO or a learning stipend

For our first April Fool’s Day as a company we knew we wanted to do something exciting. For those of you know us, humor is a key part of our company culture - sharing memes about taxes, Hogwarts-themed everything, and an abundance of easter eggs in our experiences. The opportunity was a great fit.

To the drawing board we went. We wanted a way to bring some light to the topic of compensation. When it came to embracing familiarity and optimizing for a good laugh we landed - well right where some of us started - with the Windows 98 dashboard.

The development was two-sided. First we needed to leverage the Windows 98 CSS library, customizing it for our needs and product. We replaced the CSS with Windows themed iconography. Next. we created a feature flag that flipped between our current UI and the Windows 98 UI.

When it was all said and done, the team was elated with the result. Not only did it bring our organization, candidates & customers a good laugh - but it reminded us all that compensation can be fun!

In case you still have nostalgia for the 98-days. You can experience a full in-browser emulation of the heyday of skeuomorphic design here.

... And our community surely noticed

It’s important to understand these components, as companies choose to emphasize each one to varying levels. Here are some things you should know:
A company’s growth and size directly influences your compensation package
Market rates for the same individual - and even the same kind of work! - can vary depending on what sort of organization you work at. Early stage companies tend to give more equity, while later stage or more mature organizations can provide a stronger base salary. Mature organizations, however, traditionally have rigid compensation levels or brackets which their employees fall into.
Not all compensation is liquid, or available to be spent today.
It seems logical but your base salary gives you physical money you can spend once it hits your bank account. Unlike equity that can take more time to materialize or grow, your base salary gives you “cash” immediately which you can decide to save, spend, or invest. Base salary is also important if your bonus is percent based, but we’ll come back to that in later posts.
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